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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Sep 20, 2016

* * * This episode contains explicit content * * * From a very young age, we are taught to fear failure. We might watch the disappointment in our parents’ faces when bringing home a low grade on a test in elementary school; experience the scorn of our peers when missing a shot in a big game during high school; and feel a dire sense of dread when our first boss tells us about something we did wrong. As a result, we learn to hide our failures in hopes that the world will never know that we messed up. But loss and failure – those moments we “fuckup” – teach us so much more than success ever does. As the late Pat Conroy said in his book My Losing Season “Loss is a fiercer, more uncompromising teacher, coldhearted, but clear-eyed in its understand that life is more dilemma than game, and more trial than free pass. . . . Though I learned some things from the games we won that year, I learned much, much more from loss.” In this featured conversation, we discussed: • The origin of FuckUp Nights • Why they brought it to Atlanta • The importance of an environment supportive of failure • Why high-profile speakers choose to publicly share their mistakes and what benefit they get from it • Future FuckUp Nights planned for Atlanta