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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Oct 19, 2016

Today’s Featured Conversation is with CenterLink CEO Terry Stone, who has fun almost every day at work while building his national organization. In just a few months, Terry will retire from a long and meaningful career as a nonprofit executive. He had an interesting path to the top job, and proved himself a skilled leader. Since his first executive director, Terry has been a CEO at several different organizations As tribute to a true nonprofit leader, I asked Terry if we could have a conversation about a career well spent that would include advice for building your own career with intentionality and meaning. He offered five specific tips for a successful and meaningful career: ➢ Surround yourself with people who know more than you ➢ You’re going to make mistakes ➢ Learn each other’s work and communication styles, as well as what you each need to make decisions ➢ Get rid of the words: “I’m too busy…” ➢ Have fun! Terry and I dive deep into each of these tips, but also discuss discerning whether an organization is the right fit for you, managing productive board relationships, building stronger boards, and getting things done.