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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Oct 25, 2016

Many of us (including this podcaster) start their career without thinking about their personal brand. But how we brand ourselves professionally shapes our career for years to come. In every stage of a nonprofit professional’s career offers opportunities to brand yourself based on your competencies, core values, and vision. To help us better understand how to brand ourselves, we spoke with Kristin Battista Frazee, who is truly a renaissance woman. Holding an MSW from Columbia University, she has been a geriatric social worker, legislative assistant at a Capitol Hill lobbying firm, published magazine and book author, marketing consultant, and personal branch coach for social and human service professionals. Our Featured Conversation included how to • Recover from low-points in a career • Make a positive lasting professional impression when leaving a job • Become comfortable with self promotion and personal branding • Build your brand online • Develop a classic elevator pitch in alignment with your core audience of potential employers • Find opportunities to promote yourself that is reflective of your values • Elevate your brand by writing for trade journals and presenting on your area of expertise