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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Jul 26, 2016

Measuring Outcomes with Khurram Hassan Big data. Small data. Sometimes no data. For something so important, we often don’t know enough about how to collect and analyze our organization’s most important outcome measures. For this reason, I sat down with data guru Khurram Hassan who provides strategic planning, evaluation, and program design consulting to nonprofits, foundations, and governments. During this conversation we discussed: • Reasons for collecting and analyzing evaluation data • Determining the right information to collect • Collecting data without burdening staff • Logic models • Resources for nonprofits interested in evaluation design Links: Khurram Hassan’s consulting website: Kellogg Evaluation Handbook: University of Wisconsin publication “Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models”: University of Wisconsin publication “Developing a Logic Model: Teaching and training guide”: Article of the Week I flew solo for the article of the week: Putting Your Major Donors to Work Can Help You Raise More Money by author Joe Garecth of The Fundraising Authority blog. With almost two decades of fundraising experience, I have learned first hand the importance of getting donors meaningfully involved. Garecht offers some excellent ideas for engaging major donors as volunteers, and I suggested using Story Corps as an additional opportunity to recognize and highlight your donors. Article of the week: