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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Aug 2, 2016

Getting More Grants with Laurie Nichols The featured conversation today is with Laurie Grant Nichols. As her middle name would suggest, she is indeed an expert on grants and shares insights into the foundation cultivation and grant writing process. Whether you are a newer nonprofit trying to get grant ready, or a larger organization that could fine tune its foundation cultivation, this may be the most valuable conversation you hear all week. You will learn about: • Getting your organization grant ready • Using online foundation directories • Cultivating foundations to get more grant proposals funded • Outsourcing your grant writing (pros and cons) • Following up after a foundation declines your request Links: • Capitol Results, LLC: • Grant Station: • The State of Grantseeking Report: Article of the Week Marvin Webb shared the article of the week: How to be Your Own Executive Assistant in Three Easy Steps from the Zen Habits website. The article is no longer available at that website, but channel a bit of Zen and check them out: Once upon a simpler time, you received mail once a day delivered inside little paper envelopes, you had only one work phone, a receptionist took messages and made excuses for you, and, if you were a senior manager, you had an assistant. If you rely on a watch to tell you the time, you remember that simpler era. Today, however, we get e-mail throughout the day, have multiple phone numbers, text and messenger apps, and, bizarre as it seems, we are surrounded by more paper than ever before. Isn’t it ironic that our work lives are more complicated than ever before but we don’t have a dedicated person to help us sort through the clutter. Links: • Bamboo HR: • Survey Monkey: • Doodle scheduling app: • Expensify app (Expense tracking): • Genius Scan (PDF Scanner for your phone):