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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Sep 29, 2017

Shantel Khleif shares how she built a social media base with over 20,000 followers. She explains which platform is best for your nonprofit, ways to engage your followers, and whether you should be paying to boost posts and pages. 

Highlights (timestamps):

(3:37) How Shantel built a base of over 20,000 social media followers
(5:35) The ideal number of weekly social media posts
(7:09) The user demographics of various social network platforms
(9:41) Whether paid boosting of social media posts should be included in your marketing strategy
(10:42) Why the number of followers is less important than your followers’ engagement
(11:32) The social media platforms most appropriate for your nonprofit
(16:10) Specific ways to use social media in your fundraising and marketing efforts
(18:30) The importance of video content to tell your story
(22:00) The danger in not responding to your social media followers
(23:24) Using social media to increase transparency
(27:40) How to know the best time to post for your audience