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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Aug 23, 2016

Many people would rather be doused by a bucket of ice water than talk about HR regulations, but there’s an upcoming change to the overtime rules that will impact many nonprofit organizations. This Episode Includes a Featured Conversation with Gary Wheeler, a nationally renowned HR expert. Gary shares information about upcoming changes to overtime rules and how they may impact nonprofits across the country. Links: • Virtual HR Director: o Web: • Gary Wheeler’s Contact Information: o Email: o Phone: 678-997-0017 Article of the Week The New Yorker magazine opinion piece titled “Philanthropic Fads” by James Surowiecki does a great job of assessing the long-term impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Do you remember when the ice bucket challenge went viral back in 2014? According to the ALS Association, over 17 million people uploaded their ice bucket challenge videos. You probably recall seeing new videos appear in your facebook feed every day. From your old high school friends, your organization’s CEO, and Hollywood’s biggest stars. You may have even taken the challenge yourself. In just a six-week period, that first challenge unexpectedly flooded the ALS Association with over $115 million in donations. At the time the organization’s annual budget was only about $20 million, so this was a huge boost. When the challenge went viral, many nonprofit leaders found fault with it. This great article addresses many of the criticisms by describing what actually happened in the two years since the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. Links: • Philanthropic Fads in The New Yorker • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge infographic: • Dolph’s favorite ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Patrick Stewart: