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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Aug 30, 2016

Featured Conversation with Chris Haley We had an amazing conversation with extraordinary development professional Chris Haley! Chris’ impressive fundraising bio includes significant major donor cultivation and solicitation in several large U.S. cities. In the 40-minute interview, Chris guides us through the major gift process of Identification Qualification Cultivation Solicitation Stewardship In explaining each of these steps of the major gift process, he also offers helpful hints and tips such as, The “Three A’s” of qualifying a prospective major donor The number of prospects you need for every major gift you receive The impact that Dunbar’s Number has on building relationships with donors Substitutional ways a major donor can give Want to know more? You’ll have to listen to our Featured Conversation with Chris Haley. Article of the Week Denise Spivak In her role as its Senior Director of Programs and Outreach with CenterLink, Denise Spivak is constantly on the lookout for ideas and resources for the more than 150 LGBT centers across the country that CenterLink serves. We were fortunate to have her share one of these articles with us: The Seven Tips to Create an Amazing Donor Cultivation Tour. Denise shared some of the ways their member organizations have used donor cultivation tours, and Dolph talked about an incredible donor cultivation tour he participated in while in Dehli, India (at an organization called Salaam Balaak Trust). Links: Gail Perry Article: The Seven Tips to Create an Amazing Donor Cultivation Tour: Information on the Salaam Baalak Trust tour: