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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Sep 6, 2016

The Power of a Good Banker with Ashley Carson (Episode 9) Featured Conversation with Ashley Carson A strong and productive banking relationship is as important to your nonprofit organization as its relationships with funders and community leaders. Your bank can help smooth cash-flow with a line of credit; open doors for you to prospective major donors, partners; provide forecasting tools; serve as a business advisor; and even so much more. This week’s Featured Conversation with Ashley Carson will help us learn how to build a strong banking relationship. Specifically, we discussed: The difference between having a bank and having a banker Signs that you have a strong relationship with your banker How to tap into your banker’s network Benefits of banking with local banks When you know it’s time to talk to other bankers Links: Atlantic Capital Bank: Ashley Carson’s Contact Information: 404-995-6214 Article of the Week Denise Spivak Denise Spivak of CenterLink joins us again for The Article of the Week. She’s sharing a great article by Pamela Barden titled Making It “All About Me” from the NonprofitPro website. The article is about being donor focused instead of treating our donors like human ATMs. Denise and I discuss the broader implications of being more donor focused. Links: Making It “All About Me” by Pamela Barden: