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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Sep 12, 2017

It seems like every nonprofit, business, and public personality has an email lists these days. Today we’ll learn how your nonprofit email list can better compete in this crowded arena – not just with similar nonprofits but also against your constituency’s grocery store, hair salon, house of worship, and civic group for that valuable in box attention. Our conversation today is with Mr. Leads himself, Carlos Scarpero and we touch on: (3:58) How to build a good list (4:55) The importance of getting permission to add people to your email list (7:22) An innovative new trend: “text to join our email list” (8:32) The problem with paper sign-up email list forms (9:59) The importance of segmenting your email list (13:30) The email list analytics you should pay attention to (14:06) Analyzing why people unsubscribe from your email list (15:30) How frequently you should email your list (19:06) Using auto-responder series to build your base (22:58) Best practices for nonprofit email lists (23:54) How to keep your mass email from being flagged as spam (26:05) The email practices that will poison your list (27:34) The number of staff hours necessary to begin an email marketing program