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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Jan 30, 2018

Culture develops organically, and it can be based on power, personality and politics if you aren’t paying attention to the culture you are building.

This episode focuses on building a culture that supports and nurtures the people in your organization. We speak with McKenzie Wren, the Chief Engagement Officer of Wren Consulting. She helps organizations build and manage teams by creating a culture on purpose. Today, McKenzie explains the importance of building a culture of understanding, mutualism, and positive energy.  Specifically, she:

  1. Defines a “culture on purpose”
  2. Clarifies the benefits of inclusion and diversity
  3. Shares tools and mantras that enable your healthy culture


McKenzie’s website:

McKenzie’s Facebook:

McKenzie’s “Seven Steps to Build Community Today”:

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*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(3:02) McKenzie defines a “culture on purpose”

(5:32) Authentic inclusion: an attempt to make an environment for yourself and organization

(6:15) A primer: the difference between diversity and inclusion

(9:28) Why culture on purpose is important for teams

(12:20) Discussing positions: McKenzie’s tactic for building culture

(14:00) Creating a culture on purpose while minding HR rules

(17:48)- Finding Professional Development: handling disciplinary issues

(19:18) Collaboration: a tool for inclusion

(21:00) Check-ins and agendas: tools for inclusion

(24:01) McKenzie explains Theory U and the Presencing You

(26:01) Rules of Engagement: agreements of how to talk and listen to one another for a better culture

(30:00) McKenzie shares tips for remaining calm and centered during the Trump Presidency