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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

There is tremendous energy in conflict. Harnessing that energy for good involves basic precepts outlined in Dr. Nate Regier's model of Compassionate Accountability.  Join us as Nate advocates for a fresher and more useful understanding of conflict, and encourages us to engage with openness, resourcefulness, and perseverance.


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Conflict without Casualties: A field guide for leading with Compassionate Accountability:

Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit:

Nate’s Training:


*****Timestamped Highlights****

(2:15) Growing up in Zaire as a son of Mennonites: the upbringing that inspired Nate’s career

(4:53) Nate’s journey into mind/body/spirit health and integrative behavioral medicine

(6:02) Nate explains myths about conflict

(8:13) The Drama Triangle featuring the persecutor, victim and rescuer

(10:53) Handling the organizational “bomb thrower”

(11:41) Compassionate Accountability – hold people accountable while preserving their dignity

(12:09) ORP – openness, resourcefulness, and persistence – in that order

(16:45) How recognition of human equality guides conflict energy 

(18:30) Compassionate accountability and failing forward: the art of optimizing a mistake

(23:42) If you do nothing else, start at open

(24:40) Asha and Dad use compassionate accountability to work out bedtime drama

(26:16) Turning back time: Nate imagines how his high school classmates would react to his career