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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Feb 6, 2018

We haven’t talked a lot about Peer to peer fundraising on this podcast; which is funny because that was the core method of fundraising until just the last 60 or so years.  Over the last several decades, Peer to Peer fundraising (or P2P as it is sometimes called) has taken a backseat to direct mail, targeted mail, and more recently crowdfunding.

 But just as technology has made recurring gifts and viral giving opportunities possible, it has also breathed new life into Peer to Peer fundraising. 

For this reason, we invited Mark Becker Founding Partner at Cathexis Partners to discuss Peer to Peer Fundraising. Mark’s particular specialty is using technology to generate even more money from Peer to Peer fundraising campaigns.


Free Nonprofit Guide to P2P fundraising:

Booklet on CRM implementation:

On-Demand Webinars:

Paper on more creative approaches to P2P:

Cathexis partners Twitter:

*****Time-stamped Highlights*****

(2:36) Mark defines P2P fundraising

(4:32) Examples of P2P Fundraising: 5k pledges, DIY fundraisers, destination events, virtual campaigns

(8:11) The Cutting Edge: the future of P2P

(10:05) Keep in Touch: Increasing retention rates with Donors

(12:00) What to keep in mind when designing your virtual campaign

(13:45) Mark and Dolph’s tales: Collaborating with schools to better market your P2P campaign

(21:00) Mark shares successful organizations’ P2P ventures

(24:00) Life List Challenge: a pancreatic cancer P2P fundraiser that spreads their mission

(28:08) Mark shares the most bizarre time he was confused for another Mark Becker