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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Mar 13, 2018

How do some fundraisers seem to get all the gifts? How do they convert that $50 donor to a $100,000 donor? Is it magic? Is it a secret formula?

Today we speak with Michael Strader about the OMG secrets to raising money. Michael has over three decades of fundraising experience – from the boy scouts, to schools, to a nature conservancy. 

During this time, he has honed his fundraising skills and uncovered the OMG fundraising secrets that propel organizations to success.


Website of Crouch and Associates:

The Daily Stoic:

Admiral William McRaven’s Make Your Bed:

Simon Sinek’s Start with Why:  


*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(3:05) Michael introduces some secrets to fundraising

(4:57) The power of the pause

(6:00) How Crouch and associates evaluated top performers

(7:55) Becoming a top performer through self-awareness

(9:40) Reading for self-awareness and growth

(12:30) Facilitating accountability with 5x15 reports

(15:30) Facilitating accountability with 6x6 reports

(18:14) Make your bed: a requirement for a top performer

(20:00) Loving what you do: a requirement for a top performer

(24:00) How to cut cultivation time in half

(26:30) Michael explains the 66-question every fundraiser should know about their prospects

(30:34) Thanking, communicating, and personalization: methods for donor cultivation.

(35:00) Michael shares his favorite toy