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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Feb 12, 2019

Dolph and Kelsey Vatsaas, principal at CliftonLarsonAllen, discuss ways to streamline operations within the nonprofit finance department to improve efficiency, accuracy, and audit results. A good place to start? Step back and ask, “Do we actually use this information?” Learn what to track and what to let go.    




Kelsey’s Firm CliftonLarsonAllen:

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*****Timestamped Highlights*****


(5:08) A record breaker: The client with a whopping 1,800 ledger accounts

(9:48) Getting federal grants can be a good time for reflection

(12:28) Don’t be scared to ask for help

(14:35) A Gamechanger: Negotiate the Indirect Cost Rate  

(20:35) Show some flexibility with your audit timeline

(22:32) Approaching your auditor when things don’t make sense

(25:15) The management letter: a useful and under-utilized tool

(30:25) Kelsey’s Wedding: a dysfunctional function? Nah.