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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Dec 19, 2017

Sometimes, we are so focused on the mission that we forget to build our organization’s sense of team, communication, and empathy. Consequently, it’s not surprising that so many of us burn out multiple times in a nonprofit career. 

To help us focus on empathetic leadership, we invite Carrie Rice, a nonprofit consultant based in San Francisco. Carrie specializes in using empathic techniques to build individual donor programs, board effectiveness and staff leadership training.  

We explore empathic practices to improve relationships among staff, stakeholders, and the community you serve.


Bryan Sabers’ Asking Matters Personality Assessment:

Carrie’s Site (social media and contact here):

*****Time Stamped Highlights*****

(2:30) The importance of empathy

(6:18) How your board members can assess their “asking styles”

(7:41) Carrie explains her experience with and the benefits from using a “mission controller”  

(9:41) Easy steps to successful empathic practices for staff and board leaders

(11:53) Using empathy when designing websites and donor pages

 (13:12) Pro or Con: Logins for donation pages and special event ticket sales

(13:51) Monthly Retention Program: an empathic solution to keeping donors

 (15:27) Making your donors feel as important as your mission

(17:50) Weekly staff meeting: The most familiar way to build empathy internally

 (19:30) The easiest way to use empathic practices for staff teams and structures

(20:00) Building empathy between supervisors and employees

(22:16) Increasing empathy be creating “technological wellness”

(25:01) Trickle-down Effect: Creating transparency between the executive director and development director that will spread empathy throughout

(27:00) Carrie shares her “Campsite Rule”