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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Nov 14, 2017

This week, we invited strategic advisor, facilitator, university professor, and Giving Cycle board chair, Daria Torres. Daria shares the Equity Maturity Model which helps nonprofit leaders institutionalize their commitment to the assurance of equity.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. The Equity Maturity Model’s 12 dimensions
  2. The 4 Meta-Categories
  3. How to achieve the dimensions

The realties, expectations, and responsivities of pursuing equity



Daria’s Website:

Equity Maturity Model:

Giving Cycle Nonprofit:


*****Time Stamped Highlights*****

(4:30) Introducing the Equity Maturity Model

(6:00) 12 Dimensions and Meta-Category 1: Culture and subcategories, open mindset and leadership

(7:45) How to assess your progress in the 12 dimensions by defining your own criteria

(9:45) How and When you can use the Equity Maturity Model

(11:45) Meta-category 2: Explicit Commitment: shared language and evaluative commitment

(13:45) Who is responsible for the “safety check” when tackling underperformance in pursuing equity.  

(16:20) Letting the equity model inspire you, not restrict you  

(18:30) Meta-Category 3: Equitable procurement: fair consideration and informed selection

(19:15) Example of large-scale, globally- focused foundation that is thriving with the Equity Maturity Model   

 (22:10) Charlottesville: Example of Equity Maturity Model used in crisis.

(23:30) Meta-Category 4: Visible Accountability (with dimensions “dedicated oversight” and “transparent orientation”) 

(24:00) Dolph and Daria discuss Philly Cheesesteak culture