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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Oct 17, 2017

True collaborations help nonprofit organizations compete for grant funding and better implement their funded programs. In order to develop strong collaborations, however, prospective partners must determine available assets, while building mutual trust and expectations.

To explain how nonprofits can better collaborate and build a grant-seeking culture, we spoke with the Grants Manager of University of Florida and Author of Collaborative Grant-Seeking: A Practical Guide for Librarians, Bess Gail De Farber.

Bess offers insight into writing successful grant proposals and explains how asset mapping/ diversity, checklist maintenance, facilitating difficult situations, and internal training will give your grant seeking efforts the edge they need!


Bess Gail De Farber’s

 *****Time Stamped highlights******

(5:11) How collaboration makes your grant proposals more fundable

(6:00) How internal and external collaboration helps build a healthy grant seeking culture

(8:10) The importance of starting all grant proposals by drafting a project timeline and budget

(10:30) Collaborating with strangers

(11:08) Conducting a community needs assessment vs. an inventory of assets in your community

(13:20) Case study: External collaboration among diverse populations develop a specific successful partnership

(16:35) Trust issues impacting collaborative efforts

(19:00) Strengthening your “collaboration muscle” by actively collaborating with partners and evaluating the partnership

(19:30) Preventing colleagues or partners from sabotaging your grant proposals

(23:30) Using an internal grant-making opportunity to build grant writing skills and a healthy grant culture  

(26:10) Why colleagues should ask grant writers about gaps or issues in their proposals

 (28:10) Bess de Farber explains where card catalogues are today.