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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

May 15, 2018

Attorney Matthew Goings, discusses how we can protect ourselves and know our liabilities when managing our own and delving into another’s intellectual property.



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Matthew’s phone number: 478-951-0266

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*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(4:10): Matthew defines intellectual property.

(5:00) Intellectual property as “A creation of the mind”

(6:07) Categories of intellectual property

(8:30) It’s all about the timing: When to register your copyright

 (10:20) The costs of certain copyrights

(13:08) Classes: the limits to trademark

(16:48) Gaining extended trademark protections

(20:06) When it is worth it to pursue a trademark

(21:16) Trademarks crossing state lines

(23:13) Should your nonprofit trademark its name?

(26:16) Three recommendations for trademarks

(31:00) The danger of using images you found online

(34:06) Matthew explains Nominative Fair Use

(34:50) Understanding commercial use

(37:36) Sites that do not require commercial licensing for use

(38:48) Matthew explains the CC0 License

 (41:12) Paying a creator for your logo

(44:20) The origin of Matthew’s firm’s logo

(47:20) Closing remarks on the tips for using another’s intellectual property

(48:57) Matthew’s perspective on stoicism as a way of life