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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Feb 13, 2018

Today’s guests Kim Horton and Greg Giles discuss how to build a board that is excited about fundraising, community engagement, and community outreach.

Kim Horton is Director of Marketing and Communications at The Friends of the St. Paul Public Library (The Friends), and Greg Giles us the organization’s Vice President of Development and Community together, this dynamic duo demonstrates that connecting communication, money, and mission is essential for building an engaged fundraising board.



The Righteous Mind:

History of Theatre in the Twin Cities:

The Friends of St. Paul:

Library Strategies Consulting:


*****Time Stamped Highlights*****

(4:30) Greg and Kim share how they built their team

(6:00) Getting your board and advocates on the same page.

(7:19) Kim explains the importance of sharing success stories in their board meetings.   

(9:45) A multi-part orientation: one of the keys to board introduction and engagement

(13:45) Kim and Greg’s 50-member board: overwhelmingly large, but still successful, proactive, and engaging

(14:52) Deadwood: board members that check the box and nothing more

(17:15) The cons of having all board contact running through one person

(19:00) Dinner date: the gathering of past and present board members for building engagement.

(22:45) Making board members comfortable: sharing messages and allowing board members to tailor them

(24:00) Involving past board members: hosting dinners, increasing access to leadership, and encouraging participation on committees

(26:29) Greg and Kim share which books from the library they have checked out the most and why