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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Oct 10, 2017

Nonprofits all over the country are in the middle of a very busy special event season. In fact, many fundraisers and event planners are putting those final touches on their October and November events, and this is the perfect time to prepare your board to be enthusiastic ambassadors and fundraisers at the event.

To help make your board members effective ambassadors and fundraisers at your next event, we invited special event guru and auctioneer Abra Annes back on the podcast. She shared several fresh and innovative ideas for board involvement that will be fun for your board members, while also generating significantly more revenue for your organization.  



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*****  Time Stamp Highlights:  ***** 

(8:20) Using board conversations at the event to find out more about your donors

(13:35) Encouraging your board members to meet new donors during the event

(14:59) Assigning your board members to meet specific prospective donors

(19:00) Asking board members to strategically fill their table with the right guests

(23:30) Reminding board members that they are in charge of their table at specific points of the event

(25:54) A great idea that will get 100% participation in your event’s fund-a-need solicitation

(31:00) Importance of following up with your guests after the event 

(35:00) Raising more money by using proxy bids for live auctions

(40:00) Using your most outgoing board member’s to increase social media attention during the event.

(42:00) Why both Abra and Dolph would ban golf tournaments as fundraising events