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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Dec 12, 2017

Most of us dream of taking extended breaks or sabbaticals to balance work and personal life. While charities rarely offer sabbaticals to every staff member, sabbaticals for all might build the vim and vigor your staff and organization need.

We talk to Marvin Webb, Director of Finance and Administration at Funders for LGBTQ Issues in New York City. Marvin shares:

  1. How his organization came to offer sabbaticals for all staff
  2. How Funders for LGBTQ Issues structures sabbaticals
  3. How he used his sabbatical

As a bonus, Marvin also shares with us how to optimize strategic planning.


Marvin’s Side gig:

Funders for LGBTQ Issues: 

Photos from Remodeling

*****Time Stamped Highlights*****

(1:45) How Funders for LGBTQ came to offer sabbaticals for all staff members

(5:30) The frequency and conditions of using sabbaticals

(9:55) Why you must “champion” a good idea to get it approved

(11:20) How staff inclusion in sabbaticals and strategic planning improves your team’s ethic

(13:45) Remodeling: Marvin shares what he did on his sabbatical

(15:45) The Jersey Shore: Marvin shares where he went on his sabbatical

(17:00) Going with the Flow: the attitude you should embrace on your sabbatical

(20:15) Returning to work when the sabbatical ends

(22:15) How to keep in contact with your job while on sabbatical

(23:45) How sabbaticals enhance and support succession planning

(25:00) Marvin’s side gig: consulting nonprofits and startups on how to organize their offices

(28:15) How Marvin compartmentalizes his side gigs and jobs.

(30:15) Complications your nonprofit may have with executing verbal commitments and strategic planning

(32:15) Long-term goal and budget: determinants you should consider for your strategic plan

(34:45) Marvin shares his life as a “power commuter”

Photos of Marvin's Remodeled Kitchen: