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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Oct 24, 2017

Mike Burns and Judy Friewirth explain the purpose and benefits of sharing tasks among board leaders. In this conversation, they:

  • Share ideas for assigning board duties
  • Offer models to increase power sharing
  • Outline training strategies for board leaders

Their insight will help you foster board teamwork and prepare for leadership changes.  



Nonprofit Solutions Associates:

BWB Solutions:  

Voices of Board Chairs Report:


*****Time Stamp Highlights*****

(3:10) Surprising survey results on board chair training methods

(5:00) Snowball technique for collecting data

(6:30) The role of board mentors

(9:00) The CEO and board chair relationship

(11:00) The role of a vice chair

(14:00) Accountability and power sharing

(15:05) Finding the power-sharing model that best suits your board

(15:45) Road blocks to smooth leadership transitions

(18:00) Governance’s role in power-sharing

(19:00) How your board leaders can begin to share power with constituents

(19:57) The story of “Sweet Briar”: Justifying the need for power sharing between a board and its community

(23:18) Obstacles to sharing resources with the community

(24:56) Why your board leaders need a mentor to facilitate their training