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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Mar 20, 2018

Otis Fulton, author of Dollar Dash, discusses the psychology behind Peer to Peer fundraising. 

He answers some of the burning P2P fundraising:

  • Should we offer even better swag to motivate volunteers
  • How do we create the next ice bucket challenge?
  • How do we make more money from this campaign?


The Dollar Dash:

Otis’ Website:

Otis’ Blog:

*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(2:25) Fulton incorporates behavioral economics

(5:25) The power of social media followers

(7:00) Meeting Face to Face: Otis’ P2P success story

(8:00) Roles of “Team Captains” in Fundraising

(10:00) Top 3 reasons donors stop giving

(14:00) Basic roles of team captains in P2P fundraising

(15:55) Using “SWAG” to motivate team captains

(17:11) Providing social relationships over marketing ones

(19:20) Rewarding Racing Regattas: A lesson from Otis

(21:21) Insufficient Justification: a tool for avoiding a transactional relationship

(23:00) What to do if you run out of SWAG for donors

 (24:55) The ALS Ice-bucket challenge: More than a P2P

(26:00) Relay for Life: A lesson on DIY fundraising

(28:25) Otis shares the greatest lesson learned from his D1 Basketball career