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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

9/11 and her daughter’s outrage were the inspiration for Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen to pick up a copy of Nonprofits for Dummies and launch Give an Hour, her Craigslist-style nonprofit that links volunteer mental health service providers with those who need them. Join Dolph and Barbara as they discuss the background and lessons learned in the creation of Give an Hour, as well as newly formed The Campaign to Change Direction, Barbara’s recent project.

*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(2:27) Give an Hour because Barbara felt the 9/11 tragedy was enough

(6:45) How Barbara used the Craigslist model to build her nonprofit

(12:40) How Give an Hour functions as a 100% virtual nonprofit 

(16:04) The transition into a virtual workplace

(19:10) Culture is important!

(20:33) A challenge with the virtual workplace model

(22:10) From ED to CEO/Founder – how Barbara owned her leadership role

(24:54) The Campaign to Change Direction, a collective impact initiative

(26:31) Inner Space: Barbara’s podcast

(29:02) And yes, Barbara practices what she preaches


Give an Hour:

Barbara’s podcast, Inner Space:

Vault of Barbara’s Huffington Post contributions:

The Campaign to Change Direction:

Barbara’s LinkedIn: