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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Mar 12, 2019

Kim Powell is back and she’s changing the perspective about who can be a successful CEO! Podcast veteran Kim Powell returns to the podcast to discuss key takeaways from her latest book, The CEO Next Door. Kim explains the traits of successful executive directors and debunks CEO myths.



Kim’s website:

Buy the book: The CEO Next Door:

Kim’s debut, Episode 27:


*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(4:19) Myth #1: Successful CEOs have Ivy League degrees.

(5:07) Myth #2: Successful CEOs began pursuing the top seat early in their careers.

(6:16) Myth #3: The CEO is a superhero who saves the day.

(7:29) Myth #4: Successful CEOs are extroverts.

(8:05) Myth #5: Successful CEOs have swung from success to success throughout their careers.

(9:30) Career blowups are an opportunity to learn

(11:30) Step “broad”

(15:10) Kim discusses four behaviors that can propel someone to the CEO position

(15:44) Behavior 1: Being decisive

(18:20) Behavior 2: Delivering reliably

(20:56) Behavior 3: Engaging for impact

(21:43) Behavior 4: Adapting proactively

(25:01) Kim’s shares the most interesting interview conducted for her book

(28:55) Kim shares the most diplomatic ways interviewees turned down her interviews for her book