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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

Today’s conversation is with two presenters from this year’s Bridge Conference. June Kress of June Kress Consulting and Chris Rutledge, Chief Development Officer at Friendship Place in Washington, D.C., used a five-skit format to demonstrate ways to encourage executive directors to fundraise, while still getting credit as a development director! In truth, June and Chris are recommending collaboration rather than craftiness. Join us for a fun discussion.



June Kress Consulting:

Chris Rutledge:


*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(3:15) Why don’t we just throw a big gala?!? NO

(4:35) Setting them free four minutes early: exceeding the Benevon Model

(8:45) Hold on! Let’s follow up first.

(11:35) Dolph and Chris sing the praises of the trusty blue pen.

(14:12) 60:40

(15:45) Avoid jargonese

(16:20) Less data, more stories

(20:33) DDEDs (Difficult-to-Deal-with EDs)

(22:03) More of the “Come to Jesus” approach

(23:26) Dolph and June love the weekly meeting.

(24:14) “A vague disclaimer is no one’s friend.”

(25:10) When you’ve done it to death…

(27:30) Six months is a reasonable trial for a DD

(29:00) In a parallel universe…