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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Apr 2, 2019

Brad Wolff, author of the bestseller, People Problems? How to Create People Solutions for a Competitive Edge, joins Dolph to deliver an important lesson: all problems are people problems. Walking us through his origin story, Brad shares the experiences and lessons that have helped him understand that solving any organizational problem starts with taking an honest look at your people – especially yourself!


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Brad’s book People Problems? How to Create People Solutions for a Competitive Advantage


*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(4:18) Somewhere between birth and walking…
(6:40) Doing it wrong > Doing it right: What Brad learned as a recruiter
(9:05) Guess what? The most successful leaders are open to getting better!
(10:53) Low turnover rates may not be a bragging point
(13:28) The notable difference between a producer and a manager
(14:34) Beware the Halo Effect and Horn Effect!
(16:18) The dark period when Brad’s business failed
(18:20) The cognitive dissonance bus runs right into Brad
(22:35) Dolph finally accepts the properties of velocity and mass
(25:22) Brad and Dolph share the process of being human
(31:22) Debunking the talent myth
(32:50) Creating a safe and open work culture
(34:19) From definition to application, Brad talks habits